Friday, 13 December 2013

Life; Nothing's Fair

Hello there..!
It has been like forever since i last updated my blog.... 
I'm sorry for that..
Obviously I'm busy because i'm a student.. LOL..
But anyway, it seems that i have some free time today;
Even my final exams just another 2 weeks...
Alright peeps...! 
I've been thinking that all this while I always post about my critics and stories and stuffs, 
but just to let all of you know, my life has changed now.. 
I have begun a new chapter in my life.. 
So, I'm not gonna critics anymore...

It's amazing how we go through our life, 
whether it is difficult or not, 
how we managed to live until today, 
and somehow we never realize that what have we been through is our great teacher of wisdom.. 
Not to talk long on that, but here's my new life;
I will tell my readers a story, my "quote" and my goal for life... 
So let us begin.!

11.12.13; Wednesday;

                      My classmates were having some arguments about a group work assignment. Initially, our lecturer gave a task which requires us to form a group of 5 people, but since there are no enough students to do that, she finally said better follow our lab group lists.. There are some groups consist of 4 and some 5. They say it's unfair for those groups which have 4 members. Anyway, the arguments were really tense and everybody was thinking they were standing on the right side and just ignored our lecture's order. Lastly, the arguments solved after I interfered in it. See how bitchy am I..! LOL..!

" Don't expect everything in life to be fair, because once it don't, you'll lose hope "

Goal: Never feel down when people do not treat you fair, instead, feel proud to be left unfair because in the end, only God, the one who will be fair to you. :)

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