Saturday, 14 December 2013

Nature Of Heart; Kindness

How are you guys? Hope you all just fine.
So, today I'd like to post another entry about what happened recently in my life.
It gave inspiration and so a positive thought.
I hope you enjoy reading.. :)

12.12.13, Thursday;

It was on a fine evening after class. I was with my friend at his house and only both of us were there. 
All of his housemates still in faculties. 
It came out suddenly he was really kind to clean his entire house without helps from his housemates.
They usually clean up their house together once a week since they are busy.
Looking weird at his kindness, I asked him what drives him to be so kind to do all of that 
even before this he said that he would never do chores alone on his own.
He replied me with answers that surprised me a lot. Here's our conversations:

Me: Hey, it's weird to see you this kind doing all of this chores. What happened?
He: You know what Amin, I will never do this unless for great benefits to me. (chuckles)
Me: What kind of benefits are you talking about dude?
He: First one is the trust. Secondly, "benefits" and thirdly endless credits.
Me: No you don't. Tell me more on benefits and credits.
He: Right, as you notice that I am kinda interested in one of my housemates. So the best way to win a straight guy like him is by gaining his trust in me. I'm the goddess right?!
Me: Seriously, yeah, that is just pathetic for you. Continue? 
He: And credits,. Sure for the whole time they will praise me for being good and helpful, and kind, and that lasted forever. I mean, if people asked them who cleaned the house, of course they will give me credits. Got that?
Me: So, in a nut shell, you are not actually willing to do this right?
He: Hell yeah.! Who want to be a maid here? I'm not that kind of human. (laughs)
Me: (sarcastically) Yeah, you are the goddess...(chuckles).

"Kindness is an attitude that born within your heart and it stays  forever"

Goal: We shall never be kind to others simply just for a fake act to gain something in returns. Kindness is an attitude. No humans are born with kindness. We trained that attitude to be born in our heart and it will stays forever. So, be kind to others even when you are sick of trying. Don't take it for granted, hoping for nothing in returns, because the only one who can actually repay your kindness is God. Have Faith in Him. :)

Friday, 13 December 2013

Life; Nothing's Fair

Hello there..!
It has been like forever since i last updated my blog.... 
I'm sorry for that..
Obviously I'm busy because i'm a student.. LOL..
But anyway, it seems that i have some free time today;
Even my final exams just another 2 weeks...
Alright peeps...! 
I've been thinking that all this while I always post about my critics and stories and stuffs, 
but just to let all of you know, my life has changed now.. 
I have begun a new chapter in my life.. 
So, I'm not gonna critics anymore...

It's amazing how we go through our life, 
whether it is difficult or not, 
how we managed to live until today, 
and somehow we never realize that what have we been through is our great teacher of wisdom.. 
Not to talk long on that, but here's my new life;
I will tell my readers a story, my "quote" and my goal for life... 
So let us begin.!

11.12.13; Wednesday;

                      My classmates were having some arguments about a group work assignment. Initially, our lecturer gave a task which requires us to form a group of 5 people, but since there are no enough students to do that, she finally said better follow our lab group lists.. There are some groups consist of 4 and some 5. They say it's unfair for those groups which have 4 members. Anyway, the arguments were really tense and everybody was thinking they were standing on the right side and just ignored our lecture's order. Lastly, the arguments solved after I interfered in it. See how bitchy am I..! LOL..!

" Don't expect everything in life to be fair, because once it don't, you'll lose hope "

Goal: Never feel down when people do not treat you fair, instead, feel proud to be left unfair because in the end, only God, the one who will be fair to you. :)

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Apakah itu??

Assalamulaikum... Pe kabar semua??
Haaa... Hri ni nk citer psal sikap mnusia...

Ble crita psal mnusia mmg x abis la tjuk ni.. Kaannn?? Motif entry ni??
Citer dia cmnie...
Ttsebut la al-kisah seorang budak lelaki yg bru pulang dr kuliah dkt Dragon Jejawi.. Brsama 2 kwnnya.. Sowg laki n sowg pompuan...

Budak laki tu aq..hahaha... Citernya mse kt atas bus tu... Aq n brdua mmbr ku naik la bus yg majoritinya kosong agy...

Adat... Bus tu xgerak la agy kn.. Tnggu pnuh dlu.. Then... Dr jauh aq trlihat rombongan budk2 yg xbrapa cukup akal... Alaa.. Segelintir Budak2 laki biosistem tahun 1 yg dduk under PPK Bioproses kaannn...

Kwn aq yg pompuan ni bisik kt aq... Cmnie " aq xbrpe ske budak biosistem ni".. Then aq cm pelik la kn.. Npe lak tetibe x suka.. Motif?? Aq buad xtaw je la kn...

Then.. Bebudak celaka semua tu naik la bus.. Dduk area blkg aq... First tu diorg borak2 la antara diorg tu..

Tetibe.. Tnpa ada sebarang MOTIF.. Anjeng2  jantan tu ckp psal aq.. Mmg la diorg x mention nme aq directly.. Tp stahu aq la.. Ciri2 yg anjeng2 tu citer mmg brmotifkn aq....

Aq buat xtaw la kann.. Xyah la nk layan anjeng2 junior itu... Just buat  pekak ears...

Tp... Mmg aq naik angin la ble anjeng2 tu start tuju lagu kt aq.. Aq x taw la lgu sundal ape diorg nyanyi... Tp aq dngr cmni " mmg x ada lelaki yg sprti aq".... Bla...bla..bla.. Motif??

Tetibe... Dgn gaya &@%# plak.. Diorg ubah lirik lgu tu... Xpsl2 ade kaitn ngn aq...

"mmg xada lelaki yg sprti aq tp lebih jntan dri aq dan aq x brpe nk jntn" 


Mksd diorg nk prli aq la yg aq ni mcm pompuan... Motif?? Hello?? Ko pikir &%*@# ko tu cukup bsar ker nk maki aq?? Hah??

Nnty ko.. Aq doakan korang dpt anak2 nk x lembut mcm pompuan.. Keras mcm jantan tp GAY... Kn?? Ke dpt.anak pompuan tp semua LESBIAN.. X ke mnarik tu?? Melenting ko dpt anak laki nk kawen ngn laki... Xke nnty owg tnye "mne bini anak u?? Ko nk jawab "anak laki aq ada suami..."  Kannn????

Bru ko tau langit ni tinggi ke rendah... Ntah2 ko yg jantan sngt gentlemen macho tu tetibe mandul ke... Xke ko nyesal maki  aq yg patah liuk ni dpt anak 10 nnty... Motif agy la lau bini ko nnty tetibe dpt pondan yg dh tukar jantina?? Lari ko.. Mne ko nk cri rahim... ?? Xrse brslah?? Ingat,, Tuhan Maha Adil.. Ko jgn main2...

F.y.i aq ni ko nk ckp ape pown aq x kisah... Mmg la.. Nk mrah ada.. Tp.. Do i care?? Ko nk ckp ape pown anjeng.. Aq x kisah...


So.. Yg aq ase aq nk tnya anjeng2 tu... ape msalah aq ngn anjeng2 tu?? Aq xprnh ckp pown ngn diorg... Xprnh knl pown... X taw nme pown.. X kenal pown family anjeng ko tu... Motif ko nk ckp psal aq npe?? Perlu ker?? Motif kn...

Nekad dh.. Aq dh mark yg i should fucking hate them.. Motif??

They r just like doucebags!!. Hate them.. Kn?? Ada motif la tu...

Ckup la aq maki hamun blik anjeng2 tu... Xlarat dh nk pikul dosa ni hah... Sekian la yer.. Nnty aq post agy psal diorg lpas ni ... Assalamualaikum